Our Mission

La General is born to contribute to the wine and beverage market products that satisfy today’s costumers’ expectations: modernity, quality and distinction at reasonable prices. We believe wine is part of our culture and must adapt to its changes without losing its essence.

Our Vision

Having a unique product is almost as important as knowing how to communicate it properly. This is the reason why we create our brands with a 360º focus and a high added value for our partners and clients. We don’t only care about our raw materials but also design, marketing and communication.

Our Values

Team Work:

Internally and within our partners and costumers.

Moral commitment:

Honesty, ecology, and sustainability in all our process.

Our Project’s Essence

Today, more than ever, product is not only about what we sell but how we sell it. That is why, in order to satisfy market requirements, we create our products through a value chain our partners take part in too. This global vision is the difference our clients choose.


Target audience

Our wines are great, but the product wouldn’t be completed without a smart, detailed and exigent design, keeping up with our clients’ expectations who appreciate quality and enjoy surprising their friends. We only need a good identifying image to create the perfect product for them.


La General wines are exclusively sold in on trade channel and specialized stores. Customer’s segmentations is the base of our strategy. That is why we address people who share our philosophy: adventurous, restless and outgoing people who enjoy work and appreciate distinction. We are always looking for excellence to delight our costumers.

Media and Social Networks

Our target audience was almost born online and uses now social networks to connect and communicate with the world. That's why our web image is so important for us, an aspect we really care about. We want to create a philosophy that goes beyond the screen, that reflects a lifestyle. They get to know us on the internet, they want to enjoy our wines out of it.