La Fresquera Blanco

La Fresquera

Quality and confort

White | Selected vintage

This yellow with green reflections white wine is easy to din and perfect to share with your family and friends. It’s taste and intensity make it perfect to be enjoyed at any celebration. High quality wine in bag in box format so you can take it and keep it easily.



White grape variety most common in this area. Fragrant and emblematic personality.




La Fresquera Blanco

Young and light-hearted wine. Fresh and fragrant. its yellow color and powerful varietal scents remind us of white fruits and flowers. Nice and easy to drink.

La Fresquera Blanco


Harvester’s wine.


High altitude parceled vineyards and mechanical harvesting zero-waste committed.


La General makes its wines keeping the area brewing traditions and adding the ultimate technologies.


100% viura (macabeo) grape, low temperature fermentation in steel tanks.

La Fresquera Blanco
La Fresquera Blanco


The best way to share a great wine, with a fantastic price.


3 liters bag in box
6 bottles pack.


High quality products and a fine elaboration from the vineyard. It’s got a powerful differentiating image thanks to a new and practical form to open and serve it. industry.


Perfect for daily consumption or house wine. Medium status consumer profile, age 25-40, non expert. Simple and homemade gastronomy